2018 Real-Time SEO Case Study to Rank Howtotradebitcoins.org

The SEO is getting more complicated year by year and that’s exactly what Google wants, get SEO Experts confused, exposed, penalize their websites because it’s in the kind of way altering and fooling their algorithm.

Which in a way is, but isn’t.

When you ethically spread quality content around the internet for the purpose of SEO, I believe it’s fine. But it takes a lot of effort and time to do it this way, so some people always want to make it easier for themselves and start spreading tone of garbage on the tone of crapy websites in order to get a link, and that is bad.

2018 Real-Time Rankings SEO case study

This is the first video from the real-time SEO case study of Google organic rankings for Howtotradebitcoins.org. As you see, the business niche that I chose is the Cryptocurrency, specifically BitCoin market.

I chose this niche because I am personally not much familiar with the BitCoin and Cryptocurrencies, I have just a general knowledge as anyone else would so most of the people will probably be the same.

The only thing that is my secret weapon is SEO, otherwise, I am a complete beginner in the Crypto market without any idea how competitive it is.

This 2018 SEO case study training should help anyone who would like to see in a real time and reality how SEO rankings work. The case study can be useful for starting SEO learners or for the businesses to educate themselves on that topic to understand more what are they paying for. Either way, I hope it’s going to give anyone right idea about how Search Engine Optimization works.

Welcome to 2018 SEO Case Study of https://howtotradebitcoins.org


The Source of Content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4LCv-piJNY